Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Market Preview is not used to endorse, recommend, or solicit any business of any kind.
Market Preview is only for informational purposes.
Market Preview is not affiliated or endorsed by any entity.
The views are simply my own.

The purpose:
To encapsulate any news that MAY impact the market. I don’t try to cover individual stocks – unless they could impact a sector.

The sections are broken down into:

Recap – Mostly an overview of yesterday’s action.
Sections Of News – any news that may impact the market.
Futures Pre-open – the action in the futures market before it opens.
Support/Resistances – the major supports and resistances of INDU,NDX,SPX, and RUT
Conclusion – My general views of the market.


I write this in about 30 mins prior to the opening. Believe me my fingers are flying and trying to focus on the important issues is sometimes hard – I do miss a lot.

The “meat” of the Market Preview is about Content and Timeliness – (with almost no time to edit before the opening – you could say it goes out RAW!) – so grammar and spelling mistakes make their way in.

It is quite possible that my passion get’s the best of me and the occasional bad word will slip into the Market Preview – if you find offense with that possibility – well you have been warned and I am happy to remove you from the email list. Being a Naval Vet and Floor Trader – potty mouth comes with the territory – as they say “Get over it, QUICK!”

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