Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What is the Market Preview

The Market Preview, which initially was intended as a short brief email on news that may impact the market before the opening was intended for our partners and traders. However, it seems that over time it has been forwarded to many other users outside the initially intended small circle of people. I actually never intended for the list of people to grow, nor did I plan on blogging the Market Preview.
The goal of the email is to get it out prior to the opening, so you must understand that I write this in about 30 minutes prior to the opening. Believe me my fingers are flying and trying to focus on the important issues is sometimes hard – I do miss a lot.

The “meat” of the Market Preview is about Content and Timeliness – (with almost no time to edit before the opening – you could say it goes out RAW!) – so grammar and spelling mistakes make their way in.I am a passionate person about a lot of things. I am neither a Democrat or Republican – I fall squarely in the Austrian / Chicago School of Thought – so anything the rubs me the wrong way – well – I do get fired up about it (but not like Crammer). I am a big Free Market Guy and some could even call me more laissez faire as far as that goes. I do take pot shots at both sides! So expect a lot of (sometimes) colorful commentary.It is quite possible that my passion get’s the best of me and the occasional bad word will slip into the Market Preview – if you find offense with that possibility – well you have been warned and I am happy to remove you from the email list. Being a Naval Vet and Floor Trader – potty mouth comes with the territory – as they say “Get over it, QUICK!”

The Market Preview is broken down into sections:

  • Recap – Mostly an overview of yesterday’s action.
  • Sections Of News – any news that may impact the market.
  • Futures Pre-open – the action in the futures market before it opens.
  • Support/Resistances – the major supports and resistances of INDU, NDX, SPX, and RUT
  • Conclusion – My general views of the market.

The blog was added recently, I have had several requests to archive the Market Preview in a blog – I don’t want to actually blog this every morning. So I will load up the previous week’s Market Previews on Monday or Friday.

If you are interested in receiving the Market Preview via email (daily prior to the opening) please send me an email

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