Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Three Market Stooges!

The market is going through some rough times and so is the economy. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. However, it sure doesn’t help when these three dolts pour gasoline on the fire.

They have been knighted the:
Three Market Stooges!

Larry “Quotable” Krudload, Jim “Booyah!” Cramer, and Dennis “Knuckle-Head” Kneale


Larry "Quotable" Krudload

Those damn Krudload of Quotables. Trying hard to get one right, as if it will be referred to for generations as genius! He just talks out both sides of his mouth,

"I am for a free market, buy AMERICA!"

"Those that short the dollar are not Patriots!"

“Those Housing Bears are wrong again!”

His never-ending butt-smooching every Bernanke decision. He is nothing more than a Fed Cheer Leader!

"Rah! Rah! Cut those Rates!"

"Rah! Rah! Raise those Rates!"

"Gooooooo Ber-Nak-KEEEE!"


Jim "Booyah!" Cramer

After hearing the "Booyah!" for the billionth time and all those stupid bells, whistles, and noises, it sounds MORE like a radio morning “Shock-Jock” show aimed at middle age men that still think Fart jokes are funny, rather than a financial show! Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, the Financials, only to tell his audience the next day that he said to SELL!

The Master Of Flip-Flop

After calling a Top in Oil and a Bottom in Home Builders over and over and over and over.
After telling viewers "Bear is Safe, they are NOT going out of business!" The week they went out of business and retracting what he said.


Dennis "Knuckle-Head" Kneale

After hearing this Knuckle Head say "The worst is behind us!" over and over. Thinks Pickens, Rogers, Ross, and Buffet don't know what they are talking about (they have only made Billions!). Quote Government Data as Gospel and continues to say we are NOT in a Recession, but are TALKING ourselves into one! Calling a bottom in housing and financials - every day!

Herb Greenburg, "Dennis, you just want to think about this as subprime, and it's not, its prime mortgages too!"

Dennis, "You just want to think it's more, because you hate America!"
"Oil is ONLY up because of SPECULATORS!"
"We're talking ourselves into a Recession!"
To Pat Buchanan, "Stop worrying about the economy and sell the hope!"
"We're looking to lift consumer spending, NOT U.S. Production!"
"Fear of defaulting is WHAT our problem is, NOT actual defaults!"

Warning: Listening to them could be EXTREMELY hazardous to your brokerage account!

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Pretty Funny! Worth a Digg! Even though it was taken off the forum I still found it!